Band Music of Distinction for 2015-2016 

Welcome! Listen to all nineteen outstanding new concert band pieces for the 2015-2016 season. They are performed by the Cleveland Symphonic Winds, Loras John Schissel, Conductor, except where otherwise noted.

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 Tchaikovskyana (Larry Daehn) (6:20) – Tchaikovsky’s most famous melodies: Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Symphonie ‘Pathetique,’ topped off with the ‘1812’ Overture! Get ready for the applause! A great piece for concerts, festivals and honor bands. A favorite of players and audiences! DP200619 • Gr 3.5 (Band Set $85.00 • Score $8.00)


 Machine Age (Chris M. Bernotas) (3:02) – Relentless rhythmic drive! Memorable melodic lines! Unstoppable syncopation! They’re all in Chis Bernotas’ newest young band piece! From the first ticks, clicks, and clangs of the hi-hat, snare drum and brake drum, this piece moves! Through bold melodies and pointillistic flashes toward a powerful Finale! Mr. Bernotas writes music that young people love to play! DP200608 • Gr 2.5 (Band Set $72.00 • Score $6.00)



 Suite of Old French Songs (Pierre La Plante) (6:56) – Four very attractive French songs combined to make a great work for concert or festival. While each tune is strong enough to stand alone, they each have interesting stories that make them wonderful teaching material. Memorable music from long ago! DP200617 • Gr 3 (Band Set $85.00 • Score $8.00)



 The Temple of Guan Yu (Vince Gassi) (2:31) – Guan Yu, a famous general of the Han Dynasty, is remembered for his loyalty and righteousness. Vince Gassi has captured the mystery and grandeur of an ancient empire with dramatic antiphonies, colorful percussion and great melodies for everyone. Outstanding music for the young band! DP200601 • Gr 2 (Band Set $50.00 • Score $5.00)



 Wagner’s Trombones (Larry Daehn) (2:33) – Feature one or all of your trombones in this Bayreuth blockbuster! Pilgrim’s Chorus, Ride of the Valkyries, and the ‘Lohengrin’ Prelude—three of Wagner’s most famous melodies—are featured in this magnificent showstopper! Your trombones, your band, and your audience will never forget this piece! DP200604 • Gr 3.5 (Band Set $76.00 • Score $6.00)



 Season of Joy (Gene Milford) (3:09) – Festive brass fanfares announce this magnificent combination of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy with the famous carol, O Come All Ye Faithful. Nobility abounds in this fantasy on these two famous beloved melodies. Will be as popular as Dr. Milford’s Season of Peace, last year’s Christmas favorite! DP200613 • Gr 2 (Band Set $72.00 • Score $6.00)



 Into the Ages (Gay Holmes Spears) (7:09) –‘Now he belongs to the ages,’ spoken at the death of Abraham Lincoln, is the basis for this musical tribute. It was commissioned by the Library of Congress on the bicentennial of Lincoln’s birth. With beautiful wistful melodies, fragments of Battle Hymn of the Republic and Dixie, and dramatic percussion scoring, Gay Holmes Spears creates a wonderful portrait of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. Just in time for this year's (2015) 150th Anniversary of the Lincoln Assassination. DP200614 • Gr 3 (Band Set $76.00 • Score $6.00)

Performed by the St. Louis Wind Symphony, Thomas Poshak, Conductor.



 Cahaba River March (Robert L. Lee) (2:45) – This robust little march portrays the natural beauty of Alabama’s Cahaba River with references to its Native American history. Catchy melodies and a pleasing combination of major and minor tonalities. Another young band winner by Mr. Lee! DP200611 • Gr 1 (Band Set $50.00 • Score $5.00)



 The Winds of Change (Jared Spears) (5:43) – A musical fantasy depicting the wide range of the wind’s character that occurs throughout the year. It opens with a gentle breeze blowing across a prairie followed by clouds, thunder, lightning and rain. Lots of contrast—from beautiful little melodies of the lonesome prairie to big, brash percussive storm sounds. Brilliant and accessible! DP200616 • Gr 3 (Band Set $76.00 • Score $8.00)



 Bonnie Eloise (The Belle of the Mohawk Vale) (Thomas/Knoener) (2:40) – ‘Bonnie Eloise’ was a favorite of both armies during the Civil War. Mr. Knoener’s setting opens with a hearty cadence of snare drums and field drums, and then fifes (piccolo and flute) are added. The piece is in A - B - A form: A is ‘Bonnie Eloise,’ B is original material by the composer. Mr. Knoener’s love of Civil War music is evident in this fine arrangement for the modern concert band! DP200603 • Gr 3 (Band Set $72.00 • Score $6.00)



 Moonlight Marimba (After Beethoven’s Opus 27, Moonlight Sonata) (Larry Daehn) (4:59) – One of Beethoven’s most loved pieces skillfully arranged for marimba and band. It can also be performed as a vibraphone solo or as a marimba-vibraphone duet. Feature your mallet percussion, while treating your band and your audience to one of the classics! DP200610 • Gr 3 (Band Set $60.00 • Score $5.00)



 Sellingers Rownde (Byrd/Fenske) (2:51) – This delightful piece by William Byrd is a country dance performed by groups of couples in a circle. Katheryn Fenske has masterfully scored a showcase of the band’s many colors, creating a work of unbridled Renaissance joyfulness! Unbelievable brightness in this great scoring! DP200615 • Gr 2 (Band Set $60.00 • Score $5.00)



 Wondrous (Brant Karrick) (7:15) – A musical depiction of two Arkansas towns devastated by a tornado in 1952. In one of the towns, the only building not damaged was a church. Dr. Karrick retells the story, moving from quietness to havoc, and incorporating the beautiful old hymn, What Wondrous Love Is This. A grand synthesis of beauty, drama and the aleatoric. DP200606 • Gr 3.5 (Band Set $76.00 • Score $6.00)



 Alkali Ike Rag (A North Dakota Misunderstanding) (Perfect/Seiberling) (3:51) – Music from a 1911 silent movie, complete with trombone smears, a horse whinny, and lots of fun for percussion. Written for piano by a Swedish-American composer and later scored for theatre orchestra by Harry Alford, this new arrangement by David Seiberling is sure to be a concert favorite for bands everywhere! DP200607 • Gr 3 (Band Set $72.00 • Score $6.00)



 Songs of the Plains (Pierre La Plante) (4:58) – This is the latest tribute to American folksong—by the American composer who does it best—Pierre La Plante! Nineteenth century farm songs, sweetheart songs and silly songs—all affectionately combined in a grand love letter to America! DP200618 • Gr 3 (Band Set $76.00 • Score $6.00)



 The Wayward Seafarer (Terry White) (3:12) – A delightful set of variations on What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor? All players get the tune in variations that range from rowdy to whimsical to introspective. A clever new setting of an old favorite! Lots of fun! DP200602 • Gr 3 (Band Set $72.00 • Score $6.00)



 Canterbury Procession (Two Hymns by Ralph Vaughan Williams) (Gene Milford) (4:53) – A gorgeous work, combining the genius of Ralph Vaughan Williams with all the pomp and nobility that we love in the music of Britain. This music could be played at a Commencement! Beautiful! DP200605 • Gr 3 (Band Set $72.00 • Score $6.00)


 Ducks in a Row (David Bobrowitz) (1:56) – Your band will have as much fun playing this piece as Mr. Bobrowitz had writing it! A great tune for your young band’s funny bone! (How many pieces ask your drummers to make “Quack-Quack” sounds?) DP200612 • Gr 1.5 (Band Set $50.00 • Score $5.00)



 Happy Trombones Rag (After the 1913 Happy Rag by R. G. Grady) (Larry Daehn) (2:02) – Treat your trombones (and xylophone), your band, and your audience to this happy little gem! You can feature your first chair player or your whole trombone section. Written for an eighth grade band, but will be enjoyed by any group. Great fun for everyone! DP200609 • Gr 2.5 (Band Set $50.00 • Score $4.00)



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